Whitby Cottage Progress – August 2013

By Andy the stuff doer

We might have been a bit quite on the Blog over the last few months but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been progress on the cottage.  I’ve spent most weekend s , starting on a Thursday night chipping away at the long list of things that need doing.  It’s been a long hard slog but I managed to get things in such a state that we have managed to get a few days holiday in during August.

This was an intermediate goal for me. The priorities for a Holidayable state were a toilet that could be flushed,  a bathroom sink with running water and at least one relatively dust free room for the daughters to sleep in, son doesn’t mind kipping in any conditions.

I made it just in time.  Although I did drop the 4th luxury of hot running water, the kettle had to work overtime.   The previous posts are some of the jobs that I managed to get done, plus a few more we got done whilst on holiday, in between trips to beach etc.

It was great to get the family up to spend some time there.  Not only to prove that this half time Dad has been busy doing something but to enjoy spending some time together.

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey…so brave…congratulations…I would love to see the finished cottage…
    Your family must be very proud of you.

  2. Thanks Virginia, Now we have heating and hot water they are a little more impressed:). I’ll keep on posting (when I get chance) so you can keep up with progress. It will eventually be available as a holiday let so if you fancy exploring the romantic and atmospheric North Yorkshire coast with your camera it’ll be the perfect accommodation.

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