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Progress on the Pan Tile re-roofing

 We were expecting the roof to be long finished by now but events have conspired against us ( Local Authotity Scaffolding Licence and the weather). We are at last making steady progress. We’ve employed local builders who were recommended by a neighbour. They’re both experienced in traditional building techniques and were refreshingly enthusiastic about using lime etc. […]

Re-pointing Stonework, fiddly bits

While the scaffolding has been up the Stuff Doer has taken advantage and started replacing the cement pointing (ribbon pointing) on the front stonework. The pointing, although not in good shape and wasn’t on our priority list but cement mortar does the stone no good. Also working at height on a ladder on a very […]

While the Scaffolding is up

In for a penny… As you’ll have seen, the scaffolding is up. The chimneys are straight and the back half of the roof is on. Now scaffolding has been a little bit of a problem (it’s also quite expensive) so whilst it’s up we’d best make the most of it. We wanted the cement render […]

Fitting Flexible Flue Liners For Stoves

The full flue liner article starts here and the video is on this page Please leave comments or questions below. Note: I’m currently looking in to, what problems might be caused by not sealing the top of the liner to the plate. So keep checking back, leave a comment below (wordpress should be able to email you when […]