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Sliding Sash Windows – Breaking news Progress on windows.

We have another Sliding Sash window fitted! Now I’m sure there are other little nudges (more on those later) than my ramblings on my bit of the blog, but on Friday I was requested to start preparing for the insertion of another window. Well I wasn’t waiting to be asked twice, so, after finding masonry […]

Living with a pedantic stuff doer and using it to get your own way.

Part of series on Techniques for Motivating Other People the way you want, without manipulating others or being devious…. Honest.  For more motivation tips and tricks see the “Stuff from the Other Half” category You’ll have seen from the DIY LOFT CONVERSION blog  that we had a slight sense of urgency due to not enough bedrooms […]

Trying to do your own stuff – Stained Glass

Sometimes we want to do our own stuff. For a Stuff Doer this is sometimes a hard situation to accept. It’s ok when it’s stuff that you’ve always done, like making sure food comes out of the unfinished kitchen or that Christmas happens. But when in come to a hobby like Making Stained Glass Windows it’s a different story!