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Trike Suspension Trial in Wood!

Quick background to this little project. We’ve had an idea for a Trike for a few  many years now. A friend has bet me £20 he will finish a wooden bike before I’ve got the Trike done. So now the race is on. The Trike is unusual as it’s bike based but will carry 3 […]

Captions and borders on WordPress Images

Just a quick one. The Theme I’m using must be from the dark ages, it hasn’t got the code in the CSS to format the border and caption to images inserted in to a post. A quick search, and I found Easy to follow  instructions.  Just copy the code, from the Kubrick theme, and paste […]

How to color wood with dye and stain to match an older finish.

The images below show the new bare wood and the existing finish effect I want to match.

WordPress Theme – AdWords ready ?

Oh Yes! Of course I want my Wordpress theme to be AdWords and Widget ready. But hang-on what does it actually mean.

WordPress Themes – Diving into CSS

My advise on this would be – “Find a well coded theme to start learning on”

WordPress Themes – basics from square one

What’s a Theme? The theme defines how the blog looks, its the page design that then calls up the content from the entries made in the database.

Holiday Letting business viability, Profit and Loss v Desirability

I like to work on figures so I’ve created a spreadsheet to model the business

Buy to Let Mortgage Search

Searching for and then comparing buy to let mortgage deals is a hell of a lot harder than it used to be. Although the availability of residential mortgage products has increased, lenders are avoiding Buy to Lets. Little competition in the market has lead to the lenders devising even more devious way of disguising how expensive they are. […]

Action Packed Week – Personal Development Working?

Doing Less Negative Stuff and Doing More Positive Stuff seems to work when I’m considering how to fill my time, doubling jobs up and WOW! The Mind Movie

A simple idea for improving my life

Do Less Negative – Do More Positive , DLN-DMP A fantastically simple concept to improve life and well being.  I like distilling ideas down to a simple essence. This is a concept I’m likely to remember and apply. Last night I went to pub, just for ONE pint. Four pints of Hobgoblin later, I ended up […]