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The iDoStuff project

  So far the iDoStuff project has served its purpose really well. There were two main goals. To give a web project to work on and learn from. Yes I have learn’t a vast amount and now have a valuable set of skills I can use in my day job. To see if it’s worth providing […]

Rotational Moulding Design Article

A crafty way of linking the iDoStuff project to what I do for a living. Involving my training as and Industrial Designer, Copywriting, and photography to produce unique content for web marketing and SEO. So if you’re interested in Rotational Molding and hydraulic tank design then read on. If not just ignore this post.

Head Cam Video DIY

Something that’s been brewing in the back of mind for while. Videoing the Stuff I Do as I’m doing it. An old motor bike helmet with the head of a tripod bolted on and hey presto, my DIY Headcam. And it works, here’s the first test –   DIY Head Cam Test And the first How […]

Affiliate Advertising, What Next?

Well to start with I need to pull my finger out. So far I’ve only place 1 advert – NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I’ve been accepted for others but not done anything about it yet.  It’s time I had a serious think about the best way to proceed.  There are a few options. 1. Place the […]

Target £10 a week from Adwords

To help me keep focused, I’ve set a target. To get £10 a week in Adwords revenue.

This doesn’t seem like much but if I achieve this it’ll add up to £520 in a year. It’s also an incremental target, an additional £10 per month. Adding up to £3376 per year. Subequent years this effort will add up to – £6240 for very little additional input.

Getting the right AdWords

Now I’ve got a few pages of content up and a tiny trickle of traffic. With some Traffic I should eventually get some Clicks on the AdWords BIG BUT…The Adverts that AdWords is putting up don’t relate directly to the content. So they are not relevant and won’t get clicks. The content is about “Buying Timber” <view […]

Affiliate Advertising

This is where I’m starting to get serious. AdWords is one thing but if I can find the right advertisers with the right products I should be able earn good commissions on the introductions. So, maybe a beginner at woodworking  will be looking for a supplier of tools and equipment. I have to find the right […]

Getting some Traffic

It’s OK having quality content but if no-one finds it then no-one will be clicking on the AdWords. So far I’ve got a two pronged strategy. First – Organic “Google” search traffic. I’ve read up about optimising pages to improve search.  I’ve done a bit of that. Including: Giving the pages individual titles. I’ve still […]

Cloning Pages, Growing the Website

With the Home page in something like a reasonable format, I’m ready to start adding some content/pages. I could just copy the home page, rename it and change the content. With dream-weaver there is an easier way. Dreamweaver Templates Saving the home page as a template allow me to click on New, pick the template […]

Adwords in Header, Pimp my Website

Well I don’t think it will be turning many heads yet but it’s a start. I’ve got some adwords on and after many hours, got them on in the right place.