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Two Wheel Tractor Working

It’s finished. (first part posted The tractor couples up to the trailer with a tow ball. I had to extend the trailer towing arm to give my a bit more room to stand. A brace stops it from bending down at the joint but with a ball joint at one and hinge at the […]

Walking Tractor, two wheel Tractor from a motorbike

Details of the highly technical, precision engineering required to make a tractor in about a week. A Hammer and Angle Grinder can get anything to fit.

Two Wheel Tractor, Intermediate Technology

So lateral thinking kicked in. Make my own. Two off road wheels powed by a bike engine. I’d got the bike, my old CB 100 N that I passed my test on. But not the wheels. Right, how can I make it Scrap heap Challange style, scavanging from my own or friends personnal stocks of bits.

So the plan, no drawings, no messing about, as quick as I can. I’ve not cleary though how I can

Drainage Ditch Digging in the Woods

The problem is Water-logged ground. The ground is clay with a layer of soil and leaf mould. The water seeping out of the hillside gathers in a boggy area. This should be drained off by a series of ditches. Over time these have been blocked up and now the bog is spreading.

Woodland Blog, Owning and Managing

A quick update on the story of our woodland.

Steps for Zimmer Frame Access

How to make safe steps for zimmer frame or walking frame access.
This simple step adaptor took an evening to build and 15 minutes to fit. A cheap, temporary access solution to overcome the only obstacle to getting out and about.