About the “Other Half” or Wendy’s Bits

Hi All, Just a short introduction to my ramblings.

A while back, sitting outside a pub in Whitby, I agreed to put fingers to keyboard to record my thoughts on life as the “other half” with someone who does stuff. All the trials and tribulations for you, if you are yourself a partner of someone who does stuff, or the stuff doer who is vaguely interested in life on the other side.

These thoughts are in no particular order, just random tales as I remember them. All I know is that in all the time I’ve been living with someone who does stuff, there must be something that you, reader, will hopefully find either interesting, informative or mildly amusing.

NB. This is a guide only. Not all of my methods will necesserally work on your Stuff Doer. If you have any methods that myself, or other readers,. may find useful please leave a comment. ( To be honest I’d be glad of the help)