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Hiding wiring and plumbing in the walls

We didn’t want an excess of wires and pipes all over the place so my forward thinking and planning I’ve managed to get most of it out of sight.  This hasn’t been easy as I’ve wanted to preserve as much as possible of the old walls and woodwork, every little hole and channel has been […]

Work experience with the Stuff Doer

Hello my name is Samuel, I’m currently doing working with my dad, Andy, for my work experience. This article is about what I’ve learnt whilst working at his firm AGB MSS (Photography and Marketing for other firms). Before I even started my work experience I learnt how annoying it is to set these things up. […]

Whitby Holiday Cottage More Discoveries

Monday dawns (flat airbed ensures I see it yet again) and I face another day of stripping. Stuff Doer has allowed himself to be talked into removing the only straight, sound wall in the house as an exposed stone wall on the stairs will look really nice. The only argument against doing this is that […]

The holiday cottage. Pipe dream or feasible reality?

Getting something off the GOALS list and in to realality. Taking the chance to tick something of the list when the opportunity comes up. Buying a Holiday home / property for a holiday letting business.

The OTHER HALF of Doing Stuff

What’s it like living with someone who does lots of stuff.   WE ARE ABOUT TO FIND OUT… My “Other Half” has started writing and it’s a bit scary, she is not one for holding back. Although she has said there are some methods of subtle manipulation that she can’t divulge. For what is about to […]