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Where Have I been for the Last Few Months?

Well I have been neglecting my blogging and updates to the idostuff website for a long time. It’s not that I haven’t been doing stuff, quite the contrary. I’ve been doing loads and always had plenty of excuses not to write anything up.

Woodburning Stove, proving its self

It’s a while since I wrote about our experience with our wood burning stove.  It seems topical at the moment as our normally moderate winter has taken an unexpected arctic turn.  Last night we went below minus 10 and for the first time in ages we got ice on the inside of our windows. However during […]

A Childhood Dream Come True – Woodland

It was only when I realised it is possible to buy a wood, that I remembered it as a fantasy from my childhood. Wendy felt the same way too when I mentioned it. As it happened, she had just seen in the local paper,one was up for Auction.

Our Personal Experience of Living with a Wood Burning Stove

We’ve been runing a stove now for over 2 years. From our experience, I’ve reviewed and analysed the choice we made to Live with a Wood Burning Stove.