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Dilemmas-How to get your own way

You’ll be aware, if you’ve watched the video tour, that the cottage has a potentially fantastic bathroom. We have a fabulous, if a bit grotty, cast iron free standing bath, an original sink and a toilet that has been replaced probably in the ’50’s. To top it all we later found the fabulous beam which […]

Whitby Cottage Blog Catchup

I realise that I am unable to write up all that happens in the cottage chronologically. I don’t have the time to write an article for every day we are there so I will aspire to blog every visit. For now I will do an overview of what’s been happening there. We went to Whitby […]

Door and Window Restoration, Repair.

The doors and windows in the cottage are not original, but are old and characterful and will do until Stuff Doer gets round to making new ones (not the horrible plastic ones on the top floor, they’re on the “as soon as is reasonably feasible” list). This though means the windows and doors we have […]

Excitement Abounds – House History

Since buying the cottage and discovering some of it’s hidden secrets, we have been doing lots of surfing of the web. Stuff Doer has found the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group (have a look at their website). They are a voluntary organisation with, obviously, an interest in Yorkshire buildings of the vernacular style. We contacted […]

Fixing / Repairing a Joist or Beam End

How to fix a beam or joist end. Comparison of common techniques and a novel method. Your comment are welcome

Fixing the Pantile Roof

When I made these fixes I was think the roof would last another few years. However there are so many problems with it and weak points that about to fail, we going to have a re-roof in the next few months.  Quotes are coming in and it’ll be decision time shortly. The full details of how to […]