Work experience with the Stuff Doer

By Andy the stuff doer

Hello my name is Samuel,
I’m currently doing working with my dad, Andy, for my work experience. This article is about what I’ve learnt whilst working at his firm AGB MSS (Photography and Marketing for other firms).

Before I even started my work experience I learnt how annoying it is to set these things up. After my initial assignment at an engineering firm was cancelled, I was forced to take up a non-preferable work placement. My dad however did not want this so he went out of his way to get me a placement with him. Even though he works from home most of time he had to get a risk assessment then take out employee insurance. After that I was all set to get to work.


Working on computer in a home office for my work experience

24th March-
The very first thing I learnt was that I do not want to be an accountant, after seeing how hard and confusing it is to sort out taxes and what is what I think I will avoid that job like the plague. I did learn other things like what an Invoice is as well as how the taxation system works to a deeper extent, learning about this was aided greatly by using spreadsheets. This has shown me the need for business people to understand their accounts and taxes in order to keep running profitably.
My dad also gave me a insight into the current situation with West Bromwich mortgage company breaking there BOE tracker mortgage contracts by later setting it up as a variable rate by increasing the margin they charge above the base rate. He has assisted with the campaign organised by the Property 118 website to take them to court.

After all of this we later came up with a innovative design for a plane table (a peace of surveying equipment) for the woods as we needed to make a accurate map.
We had to work with some specifications:
-Must me mechanical
-Must be quick to use
-Must evaluate hight
-Must need no extra measurements bedsides what’s on the table

25th March-
My recent task was to help reply to the Youtube subscribers for the IdoStuff Youtube account were my dad post videos about his recent projects.

I also just learn’t how to edit the blog, the first couple of paragraphs were written on word and transferred over. The links to relative websites were added just a few minutes ago well now they were probably added days ago from when your reading this. Right now I have put images up from the previous day and today to and interest through illustrations and I promoted the blog post through social media.

I have also recorded the stock we have, this way I can see what stock we need to order so that we can get the supply before we need them. Checking stock is mostly looking a how much ink and paper we have as we burn through them the most.

On the side project of the plane table:
-Figured out and finalised how hight will be predicted and measured without using trigonometry
-The simplest way of collecting scaled distance with out leaving the table or using calculations.
-Found out I want it to be brass in order to look like something Victorian.

26th March-
Today my primary focus was mostly orientated around Trelawny floor planer, I had to help my dad create a illustration of the floor planer using Adobe Illustrator. This was rather simple compared to the latter task of editing the web page.

I had to figure out how to resize images using photoshop so they would not need to be resized in the webpage, this helps to improve the speed of the webpage loading. It was quite interesting how webpages get formatted through Dreamweaver. Constantly renaming images to optimise the search engine’s ability to find it became quite tedious after 20 minutes.

On the topic for the Plane Table:
-Rough scale designs have been drawn
-Loosing the argument to make it out of brass
-Getting confused with the maths again

27th March-
Today we hatched plans to expand the photography part of the business by adding thermography to the mix. Thermography is like photography but instead of using visible light for images it uses infra-red radiation, in other words it shows a image using heat. Doing this will allow people to pay for a service in which a house or  building is scanned to show were heat is escaping. This allows them to decrease there heating bills.

I have also assisted in the development of a advertisement for a training course through EBAY. This is composed of background images and text that browsers will recognise so that when people search for certain phrases the advert is more than likely to show up. This helps publicity and sales.

On the topic of the mechanical plane table:
-Considering prototype
-Designing table base

28th March-
This was my final day of work experience and I had less to do today than normal but these jobs were very important. First job check all the emails and alert dad of anything important, there was nothing to relay. The second job tidy the office this was extremely tedious all the stationary and stock. the other jobs were to do with the Plane table project.

1- Check if the idea is patented
didn’t want to get too serious if we cant use it
2- Go over rough sketches
we needed to make sure that the design was perfect
3- Use adobe Illustrator
This gave a neat and tidy design



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