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Progress in the Woods – Cabin / Shed building

This is just a quick update as I’ve not mentioned the woods for a while.  Well the trees keep growing without me.  The little time I do get to spend in there, after just looking around and enjoying it, has been spent making a start on a shed.  I really could do with somewhere to […]

Another Weekend at the Whitby Cottage Reveals:

Another weekend at Whitby and I’ve peeled back some more layers to reveal more of cottage’s past. First on the list was re-bodging the plumbing in the bathroom so it will still function, toilet, sink and cold tap as we do need a minimum of on site welfare provision. These I can strip out again […]

Whitby Cottage Floor in need of Support

If you’ve read the previous post from the “other half” you’ll know we’ve got plans for the bathroom in the cottage.  After the last weekend’s investigations, I’ve got other things to keep me occupied.  The details of a finished bathroom are far from my mind.  I’ve discovered there’s not a lot holding the floor up and […]