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New Beam Retrofitted

That’s one big job for the Whitby Cottage restoration done. The new timber beam and column to support the bathroom is now installed.  As usual I didn’t go for the easy option.  I felled the tree, hand hewed it to a beam and a column, and now it’s fitted ready for me to start rebuilding the floors above. […]

Onion Walls, Peeling back the layers of history

The last room of the Whitby Cottage to get stripped back is the Kitchen. Being up there on my own means the kitchen is virtually redundant.  As long as I’ve got running water somewhere, kettle and microwave, I’m OK.  It was time for the last few discoveries. Unlike an onion, the room gets bigger as […]

Beam Transport to Whitby

A bit of background:  The Whitby Cottage renovation /restoration needs a new beam to support the bathroom floor, (read Whitby Cottage Floor in Need of Support), how it’s lasted as long as it has with a cast iron bath in up there I don’t know.  The plan to make new, additional beam with a column in […]