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Dilemmas-How to get your own way

You’ll be aware, if you’ve watched the video tour, that the cottage has a potentially fantastic bathroom. We have a fabulous, if a bit grotty, cast iron free standing bath, an original sink and a toilet that has been replaced probably in the ’50’s. To top it all we later found the fabulous beam which […]


Or how to live with someone who does lots of stuff (rarely finishing much) and how to use it to your advantage.
Now I live with someone who does a lot of stuff. He does this stuff very well but he does so much of it that he is easily distracted by some other stuff that he is doing. This is how I push things in the direction I’m after…

The holiday cottage. Pipe dream or feasible reality?

Getting something off the GOALS list and in to realality. Taking the chance to tick something of the list when the opportunity comes up. Buying a Holiday home / property for a holiday letting business.

Where Have I been for the Last Few Months?

Well I have been neglecting my blogging and updates to the idostuff website for a long time. It’s not that I haven’t been doing stuff, quite the contrary. I’ve been doing loads and always had plenty of excuses not to write anything up.

Unexpected Results from The Law of Attraction and Visualization

Does this mumbo jumbo stuff; Law of Attraction, Visualisation, Mind Mapping, Nuro-linguistic Programing Stuff actually Work? I’m a Skeptic when it actually comes down to shelling out my hard earned money for programs, e-books, seminars and like. But! there is something in it, I’m sure of it, I’m going to try and convince you. I […]

Action Packed Week – Personal Development Working?

Doing Less Negative Stuff and Doing More Positive Stuff seems to work when I’m considering how to fill my time, doubling jobs up and WOW! The Mind Movie

A simple idea for improving my life

Do Less Negative – Do More Positive , DLN-DMP A fantastically simple concept to improve life and well being.  I like distilling ideas down to a simple essence. This is a concept I’m likely to remember and apply. Last night I went to pub, just for ONE pint. Four pints of Hobgoblin later, I ended up […]

I have a TIME Management Challange. How I can meet it head on.

There is now so much more I can be doing on top of all the stuff I need to do. This is throwing up a massive demand on my time. IT’S SOMETHING ELSE I’VE GOT TO SORT.

Notes on Personal Developement

This is subject I could struggle with, my view is based on personal experience and I’m not sure how much of myself I want to reveal.  Writing in the third person could help but maybe that’s not the honesty I’m after.  This is something I’ll have to address as I have a little theory (not […]