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A Childhood Dream Come True – Woodland

It was only when I realised it is possible to buy a wood, that I remembered it as a fantasy from my childhood. Wendy felt the same way too when I mentioned it. As it happened, she had just seen in the local paper,one was up for Auction.

Unexpected Results from The Law of Attraction and Visualization

Does this mumbo jumbo stuff; Law of Attraction, Visualisation, Mind Mapping, Nuro-linguistic Programing Stuff actually Work? I’m a Skeptic when it actually comes down to shelling out my hard earned money for programs, e-books, seminars and like. But! there is something in it, I’m sure of it, I’m going to try and convince you. I […]

Sliding Sash Window Design (Double Hung) History

It’s an fantastically successful design. A 100 or 200 year lifespan is proven. Compared to around 20 years for uPVC windows, the timber sliding sash window is a winner.

Wooden Motorbike, A Fantasy brought to Reality

What would you do to win a £20? A Friend from Ireland has spent about 700 hr’s of hard labour to win a £20 bet from me.  He had to build his fantasy wooden bike before I finished my trike. An amazing amount of fantastic craftmanship and inginuity has gone in to the build. The […]