Belfast sink with drainer – Small kitchen design

By Andy the stuff doer

The kitchen in the cottage is small, there’s nothing much we can do about that because the walls that divide it off from the rest of the downstairs have definite historical value. The only things would could do is first to take the various layers (including plaster board, tiling, asbestos sheet) that added inches to some of the walls. Secondly to do some careful planning for a bespoke units and fittings to maximise the available space.

When it comes to kitchens I’m not in charge, the other half has to give the OK to all the details. This makes for a lengthy process including lots of sketches, layouts, etc. for me to explain whats possible and to work out the practicalities.  The idea of going to kitchen company for them to workout some plans wasn’t really an option.

Kitchen sink before

Old sink ( just in the bottom left) fitted on a kitchen unit taking up lots of space.

With the other half wanting a 900mm cooker and a tall ladder fridge freezer we had to find a bit more space from somewhere.  After much head scratching it came down to shifting the sink.  The picture above shown how the sink, fitted on a 500mm base unit sits in front of the window recess. I we could fit the sink in to recess then everything would be possible. This was about the only compromise I’ve had to make regarding maintaining the old structures, it would mean taking a couple of stones out of the wall.

After another session of sketches we rejected the idea of a modern ceramic sink and drainer, a belfast sink with a wooden drainer, a belfast sink with a separate ceramic drainer. The perfect solution is a belfast sink and drainer combined, initially priced up at about £150.  Problem being that was an ebay starting price, when we actual came to look for one we discovered how rare they are second hand and how expensive (£800 ish) they are new.  So it was a while before we found what we needed at the right price, in the right condition and within travelling distance.  I wouldn’t advise shifting one of these on your own but needs must and I eventually got it to the cottage so I could start fitting it.

Stones removed to fit a sink in to the recces

Stones removed to fit a sink in to the recces

With the rest of everything stripped away from the wall I could see what needed doing and took out the required stones and then stabilised it all  (hydraulic lime mortar again).

Of course nothing is ever simiple with a job like this, the plumbing for taps had to go somewhere and  I thought ahead for routing various electrics.

Electrics and plumbing behind sink

Plumbing and electric concealed behind the sink

During these stages the kitchen was out of action for a few weeks so I was definitely on my own for while.  It was worth all the work though as shifting the sink, and having wall mounted taps means we’ve gained a crucial 5 square feet of floor space.

Belfast sink with drainer

Belfast sink with drainer fitted into the stone wall under the window.

With bespoke, hand made units the kitchen will have a comfortable amount of work space, plenty of storage space, the big cooker, full sized dishwasher and the large fridge freezer.  All this will be covered later , but for now we’ve got running water in the cottage once again.

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