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Small Tractor for Woodland

After two years of dragging trailers full of logs, the home made two wheeled tractor has been superseded.  It struggled with traction on wet grass and when it gets good grip the lashed together axle started bending.  After considering the cost and time involved with buying wheels and bearings and a different brake, I had […]

Progress in the Woods – Cabin / Shed building

This is just a quick update as I’ve not mentioned the woods for a while.  Well the trees keep growing without me.  The little time I do get to spend in there, after just looking around and enjoying it, has been spent making a start on a shed.  I really could do with somewhere to […]

Surveying the Woodland and planning for the Future

We’ve said all along that we need a plan for what we are going to do in the woods. We have rough ideas but need to firm them out and work out how different aspect will interact. I have lots of ideas about the forestry and silvaculture aspects, timber sales will come in to this […]

Green Woodworking 5 Bar Field Gate

A few notes on making a gate for the woods, green woodwoking, very rustic and with limted tools.

Bridge Building in the Woods (very rustic)

 I need to get in and out of the woods with two wheeled tractor and trailer to collect fire wood. It’s about that time of year the wood store should be  full so it good job I’ve finished the bridge over the double ditch. The moment of truth will be when I first bring the trailer […]

Drainage Ditch Digging in the Woods

The problem is Water-logged ground. The ground is clay with a layer of soil and leaf mould. The water seeping out of the hillside gathers in a boggy area. This should be drained off by a series of ditches. Over time these have been blocked up and now the bog is spreading.

Woodland Blog, Owning and Managing

A quick update on the story of our woodland.