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Another wall sorted

The inside wall of the first floor bedroom adjoins the living room and the bathroom. ¬†On the living room side we’ve stripped off various layers to get back to the timber panelling. The section to the bathroom was in an un-savable state so was removed completely. On the bedroom side of the remaining wall, removing […]

Another Weekend at the Whitby Cottage Reveals:

Another weekend at Whitby and I’ve peeled back some more layers to reveal more of cottage’s past. First on the list was re-bodging the plumbing in the bathroom so it will still function, toilet, sink and cold tap as we do need a minimum of on site welfare provision. These I can strip out again […]

Rotational Moulding Design Article

A crafty way of linking the iDoStuff project to what I do for a living. Involving my training as and Industrial Designer, Copywriting, and photography to produce unique content for web marketing and SEO. So if you’re interested in Rotational Molding and hydraulic tank design then read on. If not just ignore this post.