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Buy to Let Mortgage Update

Finding a Buy to Let mortgage in a difficult market.

Extreme DIY – Double glazed Sliding Sash Windows

* Extreme DIY Warning * This is project not for the faint of heart. I have already built one sliding sash window as a working prototype. It’s been installed now for for over a year and I’m happy with the basic design. For more details of the prototype build please visit my Sliding Sash Blog. […]

Affiliate Advertising, What Next?

Well to start with I need to pull my finger out. So far I’ve only place 1 advert – NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I’ve been accepted for others but not done anything about it yet.  It’s time I had a serious think about the best way to proceed.  There are a few options. 1. Place the […]

Target £10 a week from Adwords

To help me keep focused, I’ve set a target. To get £10 a week in Adwords revenue.

This doesn’t seem like much but if I achieve this it’ll add up to £520 in a year. It’s also an incremental target, an additional £10 per month. Adding up to £3376 per year. Subequent years this effort will add up to – £6240 for very little additional input.

Draught Proofing a Dodgy Door

After writing about using a wood-burning stove and looking at how much gas we are saving , I realised some simple steps were needed to stop some of the heat loss from our house. I’ve draught proofed our problem front door. I had tried in the past without much success due to a wonky door, […]