About the iDoStuff blog

This blog is experiment, a learning process, a venture or adventure and a record of what I’m doing. The categories divide in to sections that I think, at the moment, will be relevant and valuable to my “Grand Purpose”

I’m on a path of discovery. I hope what I learn and discover on the way will be useful and informative for others. If I succeed people , in reasonable quantities, will find me, value my experience and be inspired to Do Stuff themselves.

Being blunt, I’ll call a shovel a shovel, I aiming to make a shilling or two on the way. In the nicest possible way though, by providing relevent sources of other information and services that will help folks take control and Do Stuff themselves.    I may attract some partners from my past and some new who I can help to communicate.  It’s going to be a long  but exciting project.

I hope you have the time to follow the Stuff I’m Doing, when I’ve figured it out, there’ll be some Links around here to help us keep in touch.

Oh… and there is a related website iDoStuff.co.uk where I’ll stucture and expand on stuff in a logical way.