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What to do with Earth / Mud Mortar Walls?

Our walls in the Whitby cottage are around 2 foot  thick, constructed of sandstone bound with mud (clay, earth and chopped vegetation). On the outside they have been ribon pointed with cement mortar which will, eventually, be chased out and replaced with more appropriate lime mortar. Internally from what we can see, they were pointed with lime […]

Skinny two board scaffold, for a tight space

We encountered a big problem with scaffolding that needed a small solution. The full saga is detailed on this post about our scaffolding license woes.  We eventual convinced “the man” from the council to let us errect a skinny scaffold or 2 board scaffold.  It’s the only sensible way we could get the access and saftey […]

Whitby Holiday Cottage progress Tour

See the “ONE Year On” progress report video here. We’ve had lots of interest in our little cottage project, both on here and people physically walking past the cottage and being given a tour. So, one year on , here’s an update on our progress so far.  We’re hopeful to have a further video of […]