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The iDoStuff project

  So far the iDoStuff project has served its purpose really well. There were two main goals. To give a web project to work on and learn from. Yes I have learn’t a vast amount and now have a valuable set of skills I can use in my day job. To see if it’s worth providing […]

Lots of little jobs

There’s some stuff I’ve done recently that I had the foresight to photograph but never got around to posting. Here a quick taster of a couple- Making a Giant enter Key for the Launch of the Chesterfield Post.  His Worship The Mayor Cllr Keith Morgan, Toby Perkins MP and Karen Johnson, Editor-In-Chief of the Chesterfield […]

Sliding Sash Windows

This is dragging on to the point of embarrassment. I really have to pull my finger out, one last push and the job will be done. At the moment the living room is full of sashes and frames, painted ready for final fitting. I just always seem to find a excuse to be doing something […]

Trike a Labour of Love and £20 Bet

It’s getting close to being ready for the MSVA . This has been occupying my evenings for some time know. Ever since I finished the woodworking on the widows, maybe to the detriment of everything on the to do list. However it’s been keeping me sane and is my relaxation of an evening so I […]

Surveying the Woodland and planning for the Future

We’ve said all along that we need a plan for what we are going to do in the woods. We have rough ideas but need to firm them out and work out how different aspect will interact. I have lots of ideas about the forestry and silvaculture aspects, timber sales will come in to this […]

Green Woodworking 5 Bar Field Gate

A few notes on making a gate for the woods, green woodwoking, very rustic and with limted tools.

Bridge Building in the Woods (very rustic)

 I need to get in and out of the woods with two wheeled tractor and trailer to collect fire wood. It’s about that time of year the wood store should be  full so it good job I’ve finished the bridge over the double ditch. The moment of truth will be when I first bring the trailer […]

Where Have I been for the Last Few Months?

Well I have been neglecting my blogging and updates to the idostuff website for a long time. It’s not that I haven’t been doing stuff, quite the contrary. I’ve been doing loads and always had plenty of excuses not to write anything up.