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Learning how to make Leaded Glass Windows

I’ve cut glass before but only ever in straight lines. So cutting curves accuratelyhas been quite a learning process. Just for practicing I’ve used green house glass. Using the self oiling glass cutter, it’s quite easy to score an even line. The difficulty is following the pattern. Sighting through the glass to printed pattern below […]

Tools, Equipment, Glass and Lead Supplies

Time to bite the bullet and get my wallet out. If we’ve got all the stuff we need, the windows stand a much better chance of getting made. Being totally new to this craft we hadn’t got much of a clue where to start. O.H. hit the web and surfed around. First site worth a good look at was […]

Beginner at Leaded Glass Making

You might have seen the work I’ve done making our new front door. I might have mentioned that the next step was to make the two leaded glass panels. Well it’s been a while but we’ve made some progress. I say “we” because it a project / hobby that the wife has fancied taking on. […]