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Whitby House Cottage Building Historical Research

We’re really interested to know  the history of the cottage we are renovating.  We need this information to inform the decisions we have to make.    We’re prepared to put the effort in to getting this done right. This will involve loads of research and investigations.  CAN YOU HELP?     Any thoughts, comments, advice, […]

Getting started on revealing the History of the Cottage

Sunday dawns. I know, I saw it. I have decided I’m too old for sleeping on a flat airbed. But waking up here is a joy, it’s like we’ve always been here, it’s home already. So after coffee on the patio taking in the stunning views, I drag myself away to the kitchen to prepare […]

Cottage Renovation. First help from the kids

 When we put in the offer for the cottage, we didn’t tell the kids. The youngest two had viewed it with us and had fallen for its charms. We didn’t want to jinx anything. Our own disappointment, had things gone wrong, would have been too much to bear (never mind crestfallen kids). Then child number […]

Whitby Holiday Cottage, where to begin?

Well, at the beginning obviously. You’ve already read about us finding and purchasing the cottage so I’ll begin with our first visit, which resulted in the video guided tour. (see the video here) The sale of the cottage completed on the 6th February. We decided to make a flying visit to Whitby to pick up […]

Buying a Holiday Cottage, the longed for dream coming to fruition

Yaaay! Finally picked up the keys, a good 18 months after viewing said cottage. It’s still as beautiful as when we first discovered it in August 2010. Now, please bear with me whilst I thank folk who have made our dream come true (our  experience may help you achieve your dream too) Many thanks to […]