Progress on the Pan Tile re-roofing

By Wendy the Other Half

 We were expecting the roof to be long finished by now but events have conspired against us ( Local Authotity Scaffolding Licence and the weather). We are at last making steady progress. We’ve employed local builders who were recommended by a neighbour. They’re both experienced in traditional building techniques and were refreshingly enthusiastic about using lime etc. Not from them “Ee missus, you need strong cement and UPVC cladding t’ dormers” through sucked teeth.

Well, they’ve been cracking on. As you’ll have seen we’ve got straight chimney pots + flue liners, the back part of the roof is on and the two rear dormers are fixed. Unfortunately the two brown PVC windows are still there but the Stuff Doer hasn’t had time to make the wooden Yorkshire sliding sashes for some reason. We’re thinking of painting these in the meantime so they don’t stick out like sore thumbs. In fairness it’s not just a case of replacing them as we’re in a conservation area and that will require planning. Perversely the windows we’ve been lumbered with are unlikely to have been permissible when they were installed!

pan tile roof

Pantile roof re-laid with tiles salvaged fron both the front and back

Roof dorma with leaded cheeks

Roof dorma ready to be tiled around

So, just the front part of the roof to go. This may even be finished this week but, like so much outside work, it’s dependent on the weather. Oh well, I suppose they can be getting on with chipping off the render.

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