While the Scaffolding is up

By Wendy the Other Half

In for a penny…

As you’ll have seen, the scaffolding is up. The chimneys are straight and the back half of the roof is on.

Now scaffolding has been a little bit of a problem (it’s also quite expensive) so whilst it’s up we’d best make the most of it. We wanted the cement render on the rear of the property to be removed at some time in the future as it does old properties no good. It’s also an unattractive pink colour!  

We decided however that we would remove the cement render on the inside walls so the masonry was able to breath and we’d patch up and repaint the outside and revisit the outside render at our (Stuff Doer’s) leisure. Our builders asked what we were proposing to do about it and we’ve had a rethink.

With scaffolding being expensive and our need to effect repairs where the boiler and soil pipe will be moved we decided we’ll have it done now. Until it comes off we don’t know if it will need to be rendered again (in lime this time). We’re hopeful that the cement hasn’t done too much damage to the stone and brick beneath and that it will just need re-pointing. Either way, exciting times as we’re hoping the cottage has more of it’s history to impart. We’ll be able to see any changes to window configurations etc. so we’ll keep you posted.

Scaffolding against the pink cement render

The Scaffolding is there so we might as well make good use of it

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