Home Made Wooden High Level Toilet Cistern

By Andy the stuff doer

A bit of woodworking, a bit of fibre glassing and a bit of plumbing. The only fiddly bit was to connect a modified door handle to the cable of the dual flush mechanism.  Hey Presto! a wooden toilet cistern.

With hindsight maybe I should have gone for a old fashioned, reliable syphon flush. But only time will tell.

Wooden high level cistern with dovetailed joints

Wooden high level cistern with dovetailed joints

The background to this is:- It’s for the Bathroom in the Whitby cottage. We decided a high level cistern would be good, giving at bit more space where it’s needed. By making one I could offset the outlet so the down pipe will be at the side of the window. Bought one seem to very expensive especially when they don’t just look like ceramic blobs.

The timber, mahogany is recycled from some cupboards that where built in to the sides of the chimney in the inglenook.  The fibre glass was left over from the trike mudguards so it worked out cheap, just about £30 for the fill valve and flush.

fibre glass lined high level toilet cistern with modern valves

fibre glass lined high level toilet cistern with modern valves

I will at some stage put more details up + the fitted finsh instal but this will have to do for know.

Any comments (please leave them below) might encourage me to do the write up sooner than later.

4 Responses to “Home Made Wooden High Level Toilet Cistern”

  1. I just found your website through one of your youtube videos. Great tutorials and craftsmanship. We have a 19th century home in Massachusetts, and we love the wooden toilet but were taken aback by the price. I would love to see a tutorial on how you built this one.

  2. janneke cole-bailey on September 13th, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    briliant! Why don’t they produce them anymore?

  3. I guess no one has identified a demand although I’m seeing a fair bit of interest in this post. Ceramic ones are widely available and expensive but I’ve not seen wooden ones. Maybe I should look at going in to production?
    Thanks for the comment,

  4. Thanks Max, I took photos when I made it with a view to doing a tutorial, as you and others have shown an interest I add it to the list. The trouble is time at moment with all the various projects I’ve got on at the moment. If you like the Facebook page it should let you know when I’ve put something together or just keep checking back on the site.

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