Whitby Cottage Bathroom Design changes

By Wendy the Other Half

Back to the drawing board!!!!!

I have accepted defeat. Our bathroom cannot accommodate the bathroom I had envisaged when the Stuff Doer said we could fit in a seperate shower. In fairness, he had thought of a way to fit one in, we could even keep the old bath! On paper it looked great and we knew it would work as he’d been chewing it over with a professional (he’d had a photography job at Wetroom Innovations). It was a little unconventional but basically we would have a wetroom containing a bath with an unenclosed shower to the side, and the sink and toilet with exposed georgian floorboards in the other third of the room. Absolutely fine in theory. The problem started when the, rather practical, Stuff Doer brought home a brochure with waterproof walling solutions. I honestly tried to like them, in fact a lot of them would be lovely in most given situations. If I couldn’t live with that solution, it would have to be tiles. I really hadn’t envisaged my panelling and old walls being covered in ceramic. Lime plaster and limewash with the odd handmade tile round the sink and the beam the star of the show was what I saw in my mind’s eye (and much more in keeping with an old cottage too).

So, back to the drawing board. The initial problem, if you recall from previous posts, was that the rather lovely cast iron bath could not be, safely, stood up in. As it turns out it wasn’t safe to sit in either, it’s spent the last hundred years or so floating in mid air. And I’d had a bath in it, thankfully without much water in it. Imagine the consequences, there isn’t even an enclosed room beneath it! Anyhow, I still hankered after the potential bathroom I thought we would have when we had first clapped eyes on it.

After finally admitting this to the Stuff Doer he’s come up with…. Plan A, he’s going to make a duck board, tailor made for our bath, so we’ll have a safe showering platform. This enables us to keep the walls, bath etc. as we’d originally imagined. With the large fixed head shower and circular shower curtain. We’ll also have some kind of step stool to make it easier for elderly/ less able/ creaky kneed guests to get in and out.

In conclusion, I think if you want something a certain way explore all possibilities but, if they leave you dissapointed, admit it (even if you feel a little guilty about all your Stuff Doer’s thinking time). Any guilt will soon be assuaged when you persuade yourself and (more importantly) your Stuff Doer that the job is so much more simple now.

So, all he has to do now is insert a beam to hold up the floor, lay the pipes, relay the Georgian floorboards and fit the bathroom…. Simples!

Befor picture of the bath toilet and sink in the small bathroom

The bathroom layout as we bough it. Bath Toilet and Sink, where will the shower fit?


original floor boards

When there is a floor, the free standing roll top bath with shower will be here

Repaired Bathroom wall.

Both the Sink and toilet will be under the window after the wall has been lime plastered

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  1. If anyone out there has any bright ideas we’d love the feedback. Oh and if anyone knows of any bath restorers we may potentially need that’d be great.

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