Where Have I been for the Last Few Months?

By Andy the stuff doer

 Well I have been neglecting my blogging and updates to the idostuff website for a long time. It’s not that I haven’t been doing stuff, quite the contrary. I’ve been doing loads and always had plenty of excuses not to write anything up.

Excuses are always close at hand, excuses are easy, excuses are what we use as justification for not doing what we know we should. I could write down all the excuses and then go through them one at a time, arguing with myself. I’m sure if I did with a rational, detached head I could mark them all down as being LAME. There can only be one real reason, I HAVE NOT SET MY MIND TO THE TASK.

I have recognised the trap I had fallen in to. So here’s me decapitated, being rational for a change and making a start a start. It’s nice day and I’ve sat out side with the lap top, out of my office for a change of environment. I’m away from my diary with the it’s lists of things I could be filling my time with. This is going to be cathartic, my mind is on the task

There’s plenty for me to write up, I might be a bit sketchy for know and fill in the detail if I think it needs it. What can I cover?

That should keep me going for while, even if I am resisting the temptation to add all the detail.

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