Bridge Building in the Woods (very rustic)

By Andy the stuff doer

 I need to get in and out of the woods with two wheeled tractor and trailer to collect fire wood. It’s about that time of year the wood store should be  full so it good job I’ve finished the bridge over the double ditch. The moment of truth will be when I first bring the trailer in. Will it fit between the two trees?

Rustic bridge timber construction to the woodland

The tape measure says it will, but the dog leg require will be an interesting manouver.

It’s certainly a rustic construction. Rough but hopefully extremely practical. It’s made from either dead or leaning larch cut down for safety reasons. The boards are logs sawn in half.

It’s been a good learning exercise. Felling, using the chain saw, sharpening the chainsaw, notching with axes, moving heavy timbers through the woods. So there’s some to write about!

After completing the actual timber part it needed ramps at either end. For this I gathered some stone from around the woods. I didn’t want to pinch stone from any of the dry stone walls as a some point I want try some rebuilding. So I searched around and found a couple outcrops sticking out the escarpment. I gathered what I needed from the loose stones that had fallen away. Next time I need any, I might have to start quarrying and I have a notion I might not be the first. I think a wheel borrow might also be a good idea.

With the stones I built a small wall so the timber away from the earth and can ventilate any damp. The main trusses are also on pad stones to avoid any premature rotting.

The ramps are built up with clay dug from the bottom of the ditch next to the bridge. Digging down we came across the water table that has since dropped but hopefully the pit will provide another habitat of standing water over the winter and early spring.

It also provided a popular habitat for some extremely mucky children. They had a great time digging and modeling with the clay.

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