Buy to Let Mortgage Update

By Andy the stuff doer

I detailed my search for a mortgage a few months back.  At the time I applied for NatWest mortgage.

NatWest ended up refusing me. Not sure what the real reason was as they gave me conflicting answers when I asked. I think it just boiled down to them not wanting to lend.

Next I tried the Bank of China mortgage option. This would have been good, it was only after I had applied that they told me they don’t do interest only. So another dead end.

After another few hours searching I found that the Post Office mortgage offering looked attractive. The information on their website is quite exceptional. All the criteria is laid out so you can asses your chances before applying. The Post office mortgages are arranged through Bank of Ireland, another source I had investigated. The only problem was an exclusion for re-mortgaging within 12 months of purchase.

The 12 months are now up so I’ll need to do another search to see if the market has opened up with any better deals. If I can’t find a better deal then I’ll be going with the Post Office.

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