Notes on Personal Developement

By Andy the stuff doer

This is subject I could struggle with, my view is based on personal experience and I’m not sure how much of myself I want to reveal.  Writing in the third person could help but maybe that’s not the honesty I’m after.  This is something I’ll have to address as I have a little theory (not very well developed). Sociologists and the like can pick me up on this if they wish:

Western societies used to have well defined codes of behaviour, structures, compartments and paths though life. This suited the ruling classes very well. Populations with minimal knowledge of anything else where either content resigned to their situations or dead. Development or education of people was encouraged if it was to benefit the rulers or the churches. In no way was it intended to be ‘personal’ development. However enough bright sparks thought ‘hang on’, we can use our knowledge to benefit the population at large and so the mish mashed societies we have eventually came in to being. These societies have evolved both blunt and subtle ways of maintaining themselves.

We get brought up, educated, entertained with very little conscious understanding of ourselves as individuals. We are generally nurtured to be an unquestioning part of groups, populations, cohorts, piers, classes, fashions and beliefs. I believe personal development is about stepping to one side of this, moving to different view point, taking a different direction, making your own path.

If you do this you stand the risk of ridicule.  This is probably where my reticence come from.

However by taking a different path I’ll end up in different hopefully better place. I want to go journey with others, maybe not to same place, it could get a bit crowded, joining another crowd / flock  isn’t the path that I see. I like the idea of meeting them on the way and swaping notes, it should make for an interesting and fulfilling journey.

We’ll have to see how well I end up writing about this subject as I make my way.

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