I have a TIME Management Challange. How I can meet it head on.

By Andy the stuff doer

I’ve put my self in a situation where the Stuff of Life is going to be different for me.

Now I’ve started on this this route the possibilities see almost endless. There is now so much more I can be doing on top of all the stuff I need to do. This is throwing up a massive demand on my time. IT’S SOMETHING ELSE I’VE GOT TO SORT.

Work smarter not harder is something I often say to myself. The problem with that is to be smart about stuff requires knowledge and thought. 

I have a plan. Now people may advise to sub-stuff out and concentrate on my areas of specialism i.e. areas that I already know about and can perform in efficiently.  But I’m not really interested in the well trodden path. 

The plan is to divided and combine my time. 

e.g. 1. In one of my rented houses the bath needs resurfacing. I also need content for the ” I do DIY stuff” section of the blog.  So I’ll record the the resurfacing and post about it… two birds with one stone and all that.

2. Some of the “Doing” Stuff on my list involves laborious, brain numbing repetition.  Smart stuff requiring knowledge and thought starts with getting the information  (record the information and sources) for it to become real knowledge it needs thinking about.

Resurfacing a bath involves a lot of sanding and prep, whilst my hands are working on that I can be processing information in to knowledge… 3 birds with one stone 

If I can apply this technique with the right degree of focus I should be able to expand my time.

As a start on organising this, here’s the random “brainstorming ” list of stuff:

  • Resurface bath
  • Fix a toilet
  • Fix garage door surround and doors
  • Sort out a tenant moving in
  • Dye and varnish spiral stairs, shelves and cupboard
  • Take down Lathe and plaster ceiling
  • fit plaster board and plaster
  • fit sun tunnel
  • fit and wire up smoke alarms
  • Get final building regs approval on loft conversion
  • Re-point an outside toilet
  • fix slate toilet roof
  • renew 2 soffits
  • hard standing in front of garage
  • Mortgage a property
  • Find another house
  • Totally refurbish new house
  • Sort out my Tax planning
  • Action my Tax planning
  • Figure out what best to do with other investments
  • action other investments
  • Holiday Let investigation
  • Learn Web stuff
  • Action Web stuff
  • Learn to write better
  • Blog  and feed website with anything off this list
  • Learn Word press
  • Implement WordPress
  • Add Loft conversion info, structured to website
  • refine Sliding sash window designs
  • Make at least 5 windows to the above
  • Add Sash window info to website
  • draw up plans and instruction of sash window
  • Make plans available- paid for?
  • Add shopping system to website
  • Add income generation to website and blog
  • Have holidays
  • Relax regularly
  • Enjoy time with friends
  • Family time and support (so important it’s a bit like breathing)
  • Normal work, Photography and Marketing
  • Building Trike
  • top up loft insulation
  • Do more general housekeeping
  • Front room oak paneling
  • Iron railing and new wall at front
  • Re-pointing gable ends
  • Sealing walls
  • promoting website and blog

If this list is combined it will, at least look shorter. I need to break this down, combine, prioritise and scheduel   

“t’ll not take y’ two minutes” the misses will say.

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