Action Packed Week – Personal Development Working?

By Andy the stuff doer

Friday night 9.30. Retired to garage with laptop, a can beer and some excellent Robert Plant (Mighty Rearranger). And I’ve just had a WOOO! moment, nice when they come along. The track All The Kings Horses is based on the Zeplin track Bron-Yr-Aur. Why WHOOO? Because that’s the track I used on my Mind movie. I’ll write about the Mind Movie another time.

Anyway I’m in the garage combining two things at once, doing some writing whilst enjoying a spot of relaxing. I really need to get a few ideas down and I’ll see now it goes.

I had a busy week, looking and analysing the long list from the last post. I picked a few things to prioritize, in different areas, that I could combine.

Mortgage a property – went all over the web looking for the best mortgage deals, thought about it, did the maths and made the application, accepted in principle.

Holiday Let Business – The misses is really keen on the this and its on Goals list. I’ve developed a nifty spread sheet to model the business and assess viability. It’s worth careful consideration of potential pleasure derived weighed against financial expediency. So I’ve got myself another post to do on that.

Oh, just thought. This post is extremely diverse. Against all SEO advise. But what the Hell.

Other Financial investments – I’ve read and am still processing the “Liquid Millionaire” book from Stephen Sutherland. An immediate conclusions is to shift my Stocks and Shares ISA to web based platform. With this I’ll be able to sell the funds and hold the proceeds in cash. Still within the ISA wrapper but out in a holding position for when the the markets go tits up again. This took a fair bit of thinking time as well.

Dying and Stairs – This job starts with laborious sanding, followed by laborious dyeing. So plenty of thinking time! (approx 10hrs) YES get in there, successful application of time

Tenant moving in – Sorted the paperwork, switching utilities etc.

Fixed a tenants toilet – Just needed doing, but a good opportunity for a chat and a catch up.

Resurfacing bath- ordered the “Tuby” kit after researching on web. This look like a good one to write up in the DIY category. Asked the tenant when’s the best time to have her bath out of action for three days? An important question to ask when you have 3 young kids.

Trike Building – Had a play with the lathe, turning a little jig to re-drill the wheel stud holes at 100mm PCD… Pure Pleasure:)

Job Earning – Turned down a job from a Client. The advert artwork he wanted was to support a customer profile article in a magazine. I spotted all the Hallmarks of a Clever Magazine. Scam I’d seen versions of before. I did a bit of research and let him know. He’s canceled the advert booking and spread the word. (note to self: write a post on scam under I do professional Stuff, how to recognize the scam. Trade Journal editor contact for write up and link)

My client and others will be saving a few thousand quid as a result. I lost out a couple of hundred quid but bought bought a massive amount of Good Will. If some one says “ you cant bank good will” they can shove it. My AGB Marketing Support Business live on Word of Mouth, My Customers are my Ambassadors.

What I have neglected is writing, hence Friday night with beer and some sounds. Peter Gabriel “UP” now.

Looking back, it’s really has been not just a busy week but a productive and positive week.

Maybe this personal development stuff really is working, kind of without me noticing at the time.

Doing Less Negative Stuff and Doing More Positive Stuff seems to work when I’m considering how to fill my time, doubling jobs up and WOW! The Mind Movie.

Enough for now. 11 o’clock time to sink in to PG.


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