A simple idea for improving my life

By Andy the stuff doer

Do Less Negative – Do More Positive , DLN-DMP

A fantastically simple concept to improve life and well being.  I like distilling ideas down to a simple essence. This is a concept I’m likely to remember and apply.

Last night I went to pub, just for ONE pint. Four pints of Hobgoblin later, I ended up going to bed late, having disturbed sleep, feeling rough and annoyed when I eventually crawled out of my pit. I’m now determined to remember and apply the DLN-DMP concept  to the little decisions and reap the benefits.

If I had applied this concept last night, I would have been happier, healthier and more productive today. It’s so simple.

Why did I choose to drink more than intended? Because the decision was based on the short term desire to drink more of a very tasty beer. I wasn’t think of the decision in terms of improving anything. I didn’t have this little bit of insight/knowledge to apply.

It’s a concept I’ve only just read about, this also makes a powerful argument for me to read more of the right kind of books. 

This particular book I just finished today, whilst in the bath, in recovery mode. So all credit to Stephen Sutherland and his book “Liquid Millionaire”.  The book’s tag line is “How to make millions from the up and coming stock market boom”.  I wasn’t expecting to learn more than the possibility to get a edge on financial markets, however the book gives great deal more. This particular little gem came on page 182 and comes under the  heading ” How to Live Your Dream Lifestyle Now”. 

Stephen suggests identifying the things that cause stress, unhappiness, anxiety or make you feel out of control, then do less of those things. At the same time identify the things that make you feel good (I’m sure that means, not the superficial taste of beer) and do more of those things.

I might be having a slightly different take on this idea but as it’s so simple, it lends it’s self to being applied easily to every day decision making.  

I should say the rest of the book makes a fascinating read. I’ll be reading it again shortly to make sure I got the concepts straight and I’m ready to assimilate the knowledge.

So Many Thanks  Mr. Stephen Sutherland.

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