Skinny two board scaffold, for a tight space

By Andy the stuff doer

We encountered a big problem with scaffolding that needed a small solution. The full saga is detailed on this post about our scaffolding license woes.  We eventual convinced “the man” from the council to let us errect a skinny scaffold or 2 board scaffold.  It’s the only sensible way we could get the access and saftey required to re-roof our cottage on this very narrow street.

The article on the website explains more about it in some detail. SEE THE FULL SKINNY SCAFFOLD ARTICLE.

We’re unsure as to when the roof will be done as, apparently, pantiles are very brittle at freezing temperatures and lime mortar will have trouble setting too.

But we’re on the way which can only be a good thing!

The one downside is that the Stuff Doer has been to the cottage on his own since the scaffolding has been erected so promptly climbed up it to take some photos! I would go with him to keep an eye on him but it’s not practical as he likes to go up for three nights so someone has to hold the fort at home.

Also there is no flushing toilet!!!!

If you have any comments about the Skinny Scaffold otherwise called a  two 2 board scaffold please leave a response  down below the photo. 

narrow scaffolding skinny 2 board
Narrow scaffolding skinny 2 board scaffold

Read the SKINNY SCAFFOLD article.

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