Idea for Insulation Where Space is Tight

By Andy the stuff doer

The top of the stairs to attic has a landing with an old dormer window.  Head height at the top of the stairs is an issue as is the ceiling of the dormer. The cheeks of the dormer are also short on space.

The solution I’m trying here is to provide the maximum insulation possible whilst keeping the space practical.

Instead of using conventional foil faced insulation I’ve used insulated tile backing board.  This is a foam core with a thin reinforced layer either side, designed to be used in wetrooms.  After I’ve detailed and sealed the joints it should be vapour tight. I can then finish it with finish plaster directly without needing plasterboard.

Insulated tile backing board used where space is tight

Insulated tile backing board on attic room ceiling and dormer cheeks

It is a bit of an experiment as I’ve not seen this done before or tried it anywhere else.  Time will tell but so far it’s looking like a perfect solution.

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