The iDoStuff project

By Andy the stuff doer


So far the iDoStuff project has served its purpose really well. There were two main goals.

  1. To give a web project to work on and learn from. Yes I have learn’t a vast amount and now have a valuable set of skills I can use in my day job.
  2. To see if it’s worth providing information others might be interested in. Yes it’s good to share and Yes the adwords income is covering more than just the finacial costs.

I have neglected the site for many months. But I can see there is so much more I could and should be doing. The main thing being more content. Content is king, as they say even if it is time consuming to put together. If it’s good original material, word does soon spread .

What I do need to do if think about, is how I can get the content together more efficiently. I’ve sat today and written 2000 words today in about 4 hrs can I some how speed this up? It still needs posting and pictures adding. Is there technology I can employ ? I shall investigate.

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