The holiday cottage. Pipe dream or feasible reality?

By Wendy the Other Half

 The holiday cottage. Pipe dream or feasible reality?

A holiday cottage in Whitby is on “THE LIST”. Said list is referred to on other parts of this site.

 The fabled list is actually a scruffy piece of paper held onto a tool shelf in the garage by a magnet/bottle opener. This list was compiled one night over a few drinks, hence it is a mixture of “doable” (if I’m prepared to wait long enough) the “maybe doable” (if all the right things fall into place at the right time) and the ”highly unlikely” (unless our numbers come up and I salute all the lone magpies in the right order).

On the “doable” list are the sliding sash windows (only a few years late) the loft conversion, nearly finished and signed off by the local building inspector even if it has been used as a bedroom for the last three years. The conservatory, well I’ve got the larch to construct that, even if it is still standing in a wood a couple of miles away.

 On the “ maybe doable” list is The Trike. This has been promoted on to the doable list from the just in his spare time list, as the result of a drunken £20 bet with an extremely capable Irishman. This then, fellow long suffering reader, accounts for lateness of other, more important projects ie. Windows and having to listen to moaning of draughts and heating bills etc. which are sure to start soon as the weather turns even though we’ve had plenty of dry weather ideal for window fitting!

 Then the “highly unlikely”which included a holiday cottage in Whitby. Now, obviously, I’m a woman with great patience and was thinking long term, but it’s all gone horribly wrong. The patience is out of the window and an air of desperation has set in. Why? Well last year on holiday we came across a quaint little cottage for sale, hardly touched since it was built approx 300 years ago. Nice views, not too bad a price, let’s have a look while we’re here. So far so good, we do this for a living (more on property blog later). So what went wrong? Something that’s never afflicted us before, we fell in love with a pile of stone that needs loads doing to it. This real pull is a totally alien concept. What normally happens is I view, Then send “other half” round to view to see if I’ve missed anything. I say what rent we can get then other half does sums and says yea or nay. Then it‘s either purchased or we walk away.

 So, immediately on arrival home I’m doing research and leave him looking at mortgages. The highly unlikely is almost within touching distance, but not quite. Nobody wants to lend on property any more even with a healthy deposit. Our disappointment knew no bounds as we really didn’t want someone to buy it and rip out its soul. Then a call from the agents saying it has been withdrawn. A stay of execution so to speak. Lots of dreamy talk of what could have been but that’s all it was, talk.

 About six weeks ago we receive a call from the agents that our beloved cottage is back on the market. I couldn’t bring myself to torture myself to have another viewing ( I couldn’t even bring myself to walk down the street). But this time it’s just that little bit more doable so it’s been promoted to the maybe part of  THE LIST. So it’s really down to the mortgage lenders and whether they are going to start lending again so the country can dig itself out of the financial hole it found itself in. So watch this space, if the banks / building societies sort their selves out there might be a lot more content on the idostuff site and blog.

Fingers crossed, touch wood, saluting magpies etc.

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