How to get a new timber front door.

By Wendy the Other Half

Part of series on Techniques for Motivating Other People the way you want,¬†without manipulating others or being devious…. Honest.¬† For more motivation tips and tricks see the “Stuff from the Other Half” category¬†

So, your Stuff Doer is doing sums to work out the quantities of wood needed to make your long awaited wooden sliding sashes. Now at the time the January sales were on. Strike at every given opportunity.

I’d already chosen the colour my new front door was going to be, but the Stuff Doer didn’t know he was making one yet, how to broach it?

Go to the local department store sale and buy a beautiful gold door wreath that will contrast perfectly with your new burgundy front door. It’s half price so you’re doing Stuff Doer a favour by saving him money.

So you get home, show off your beautiful new purchase, point out how much money you’ve saved and, because you’re so clever, you’re going to save even more as, if he orders the door wood along with the window wood, you’ll be saving on delivery charges.

Cue slightly bamboozled look, but there’s no argument in that situation. It becomes accepted that you’re getting a new front door and yes it would be daft not to order all the wood together.

Ta da! A new front door has slipped under the radar

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