Unexpected Results from The Law of Attraction and Visualization

By Andy the stuff doer

Does this mumbo jumbo stuff; Law of Attraction, Visualisation, Mind Mapping, Nuro-linguistic Programing Stuff actually Work?

I’m a Skeptic when it actually comes down to shelling out my hard earned money for programs, e-books, seminars and like. But! there is something in it, I’m sure of it, I’m going to try and convince you.

I can’t pin down when I started using an unconscious version of these sort of techniques. I think It was probably just the way I was brought up. So I have a lot to thank my parents and the adults in my early life for. If I wasn’t surrounded by people, parents, family, surrogate “uncle and aunties” positive teachers through my formative years, things could have turned out differently. Over the years I just absorbed fairly positive attitudes that became part of my nature.

It wasn’t all sweetness and light, plenty of times I messed up, got thing seriously wrong and I struggled getting through. I guess I had enough programmed in to me to eventually work things out, learn and move on.

For me, there was no “one big thing” no Eureka moment just a gentle drip feed. Bits of knowledge, wisdom and experiences that sort of made sense and stuck in my head somewhere. I’ve not really thought about it in a structured way until recent years. It’s just been a 44 year process that’s got me to where I am.

This brings me back to the title “Unexpected Results from the Law of Attraction and Visualization”. I’ve only just asked myself “Do these kind of techniques Work?”. Now I can look back at my life so far and say Yes! Even though I didn’t know I was using the fundamentals of these techniques.

Unexpected – Well I certainly didn’t expect to find a proof, but in my perception of my life, I’ve got the Results. Thinking back, so many of the twists and turns of my life have ended up going in a direction that have worked out well. I don’t believe in luck or fate. As a child, the course I was set on was a manifestation of the thoughts involved with the nurture I received.

 What if Your Mind Hasn’t been Wired That Way.

What about those people who didn’t get set on a positive path? Or those who have been “re-programmed” in adult life. Those who’s negative subconscious is preventing them from moving towards any form of solid contentment.

Advertising, TV, Politics, Marketing, Society, Herd Mentality are working on the subconscious from an early age. If you haven’t been given or built up your defenses, the subconscious will have a powerful negative bias to desire what you don’t have.

If your subconscious mind is programed for desire “I want, I want” then there’s no space for appreciating what you have. If you can’t appreciate what you have, then “I want MORE” kicks in. This spiral of desire leads to constant frustration. The frustration is projected externally “It’s some one else’s fault”. As it’s someone else’s fault, the real causes (lack of appreciation), is never cured.

When you believe that someone else has do something to make you feel better, give you satisfaction, you’re stuck! Stuck in a deep rut .

The programs available to buy in to and sign up for, should be able to help you re-program your subconscious but there is a dichotomy. You sign up because you expect someone else to provide the answers. They are often sold as a way for you to get what you want. They are marketed to your negative “I want” brain. Can you see the conflict?

Of course, if they don’t work, It’s not your fault! It’s someone else’s fault. Never mind you can always buy another book, course, set of DVD’s, seminar because you still want what you don’t have. At the moment this is a highly profitable industry based on desire.

I can envisage the Gurus peddling these systems will realise the dichotomy. The psychological processes that underpin the systems do work verses the exploitation of this reality being self defeating for majority customers. 

A New Way To Make a Massive Difference to the World We Live In

If the Gurus truly believe in what they say they should promote their systems totally for FREE. A radical proposition but it should work. The systems are based around a psychology I believe in, “My Unexpected Results”. When I appreciate what I have, I end up doing well. I’m Grateful for that.

If the skills were given to me by a stranger, I would feel grateful to the point of Generosity towards them. I would also be inclined to evangelize their system of thinking. Financial or otherwise the giver would be richer. The world would have many more positive, generous people in it.

If the knowledge, insights and techniques are freely given, then received in the right spirit, they will work. We will all reap the benefits for generation to come.

PS. I sat down to write about the woodland we now enjoy. Somehow the thoughts went elsewhere. I don’t quite know how or why but it seemed worth allowing the change of direction. Here’s the picture that was going to accompany it.

tree canopy with copper beech

A strange change of thoughts starting with a Image

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  1. Hmmm… interesting. I think, thinking is the most useful aspect of personal development and for contrast, not thinking (i.e. letting your mind wander about, I guess in a zen kinda way). But often we’re used to just being ‘told’. Not all bad, but I’ve seen a lot of initiative kicked out of well-meaning people in the workplace, which often saddens me.

    I was ‘taught’ (in so far as design can ever be taught – the ‘reverse alchemy of design education – colleges turn gold into dust’) that aesthetics has something to do with ‘the witness of human intervention’ or ‘index of care’ i.e. being able to see how a person has put effort into the process to deliver the end result. Hence the popularity of ‘hand made’ and sometimes blandness of very ‘manufactured’ things. But not always. The tree photo is amazing. I’d say, don’t stop thinking and don’t stop not thinking !

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