Target £10 a week from Adwords

By Andy the stuff doer

To help me keep focused, I’ve set a target. To get £10 a week in Adwords revenue.

This doesn’t seem like much but if I achieve this it’ll add up to £520 in a year. It’s also an incremental target, an additional £10 per month. Adding up to £3376 per year. Subsequent years this effort will add up to – £6240 for very little additional input.

I feel it should be a realistic target although I’m sure it’s not going to easy.  I need traffic and I need good clicks. To achieve this I’ve got to put effort and time in to three areas.

1. Traffic for AdWords revenue – I need good quality content and links to it from good relevant sites. With quality content, not selling anything in particular, sites and forums tend to be willing to carry links. It’s very involving and time consuming on forums but informative. I keep getting ideas for content from the questions folks ask.

To get sites interested it a bit hit and miss so far – More work to do on this side

I also need to look into the world of feeds and ways of encouraging links to be passed on.

2. Content for AdWords revenue – More writing but making sure it will attract good high paying ads. These adwords need to be relevant to subject and the readers.  Before I go in to any subject in depth I’ll be looking in to what adverts and interest potential there is.

3. Format for AdWords revenue – Although I’ve done some work on this I’m sure I could do better. I might be overloading the pages at the moment. It’s hard to tell with the traffic I’ve got but as the traffic builds I’ll be able to see which placements and styles work best.

At moment half way through January 2010 I’m averaging  £6.22 .  I’ll see how I do.

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  1. UPDATE: Target missed, but only by £2.60.
    I’ve spent alot of time point 1. – Traffic. spending time on forums, maybe too much time, and neglegting other areas. I need to set a time limit for this and keep focused but not to the point where I’m just end up being spammy.

    I need to have more quality content then work on the traffic.

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