Rotational Moulding Design Article

By Andy the stuff doer

Ok I know this some what different from the normal stuff I write about but it’s part of what I do for living.  There are some articles from way back under the category I do Digital Marketing Stuff, these point out some of learning process I went through that started as I began this site. (I really need to do some updates). Anyway I now earn some of my income providing digital marketing services to companies within industies  I feel I have something to contribute.

I wrote the  article, ” Rotational Moulding – Hydraulic Tank Design”  in a slightly different version, as unique content for one of my client’s websites.  I’ve reproduced it on the iDoStuff site to give them a good link and to see how well it works as SEO. It also gives you an insight to the kind of stuff I do for regular living, including commercial photography.

Top of Hydraulic Tank

One image from a photoshoot of Hydraulic and other tanks. A fun challenge photographing white products on a white background

If you’ve found the article and this blog post because you have an interest in Hydraulic tank design, then WELCOME. I hope you found it interesting and possibly inspirational. I would love to hear any comments you may have, see below. Cheers.

(Posting date changed from 2012, this post doesn’t need to be date relative!)


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