Trike Suspension Trial in Wood!

By Andy the stuff doer

Quick background to this little project.

We’ve had an idea for a Trike for a few  many years now. A friend has bet me £20 he will finish a wooden bike before I’ve got the Trike done. So now the race is on.

The Trike is unusual as it’s bike based but will carry 3 passengers. It’s also going to have suspension!

Here’s a quick look at how my working  wooden model of the Trike suspension works. Bungee and beer can shocks. Hee Hee.

Thanks Dave for the rough road simulation.

With my friend concentrating on “Safety First” I think I’ve got a good chance.

Wooden Skid Lid

Wooden Skid Lid


I plan to put more details up, let me know if you want to know more. I need some encouragement.

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