Another wall sorted

By Andy the stuff doer

The inside wall of the first floor bedroom adjoins the living room and the bathroom.  On the living room side we’ve stripped off various layers to get back to the timber panelling. The section to the bathroom was in an un-savable state so was removed completely. On the bedroom side of the remaining wall, removing a layer of hard board revealed the many layers of wallpaper and a thick backing paper. This was actual holding some sections of the panelling together as rot and woodworm over a few hundred years had taken it’s toll on the tongue and grooves.

Whilst restoring this completely would have been possible it would have left us with a very thin wall between the bedroom and living room.  The eventual solution was to stabilise and beef up the wall to give a little more accoustic privacy to the bedroom.

Peeling back and stripping off the paper revealed the worst affected parts of the panelling.

rotten and loose timber panel wall revealed

rotten and loose timber panel wall revealed

The next step was to fix battens across the wall, shimming where necessary to give a flat face.  Using 1″ x 1 1/2″ timber minimised the wall thickness whilst giving enough room to fit electrical back boxes, wiring and some insulation.

wall part construction

Battens insulation and wiring for the television

On the most unstable areas additional battens were used to hold the old timber panels together. All carefully spaced to support the plaster board joints.

Battens for plaster board

Old panels stabilised and ready for boarding

With the skirting fitted and all the joints skrim taped I used my much refreshed plastering skills to finish off the wall.  So we now have another  wall sorted.

skim coat on plaster board wall

Bedroom wall plaster boarded and skimmed

This room is looking close to being finished especial now I’ve also repaired the ceiling but it’ll still need many hours before it’s ready for final decoration.


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