Lead Flashing on Pantile Washhouse

By Andy the stuff doer

Yes I did eventually get around to doing this. The lead flashing had to cover  the soilpipe from the bathroom toilet so for a relatively inexperienced lead worker it was a bit of challenge.   The curves and angles made it particularly difficult to measure and cut the pieces before beating them in to shape. Only one piece went far enough out as to need an extra piece adding.

You can see from the picture it is all very tight. I have had to sacrifice the normal requirement to allow the lead to easily expand and contract with changes of temperature.   We had a lead theft from the main cottage roof whilst the scaffold was up. This has made me very wary even to point of considering using lead substitute on the wash house roof as it can be reached from ground level.

Lead flashing on pantile roof

Tight and glued lead flashing hopefully will put off the vermin from stealing it

To make it less attractive to casual thieves the lead is tightly beaten and glued with leadmate to the tiles. This, I’m hoping will deter any scumbag that has a go. The nature of the loose fitting tiles will hopefully allow enough movement to prevent the lead from cracking under expansion.

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