Progress in the Woods – Cabin / Shed building

By Andy the stuff doer

This is just a quick update as I’ve not mentioned the woods for a while.  Well the trees keep growing without me.  The little time I do get to spend in there, after just looking around and enjoying it, has been spent making a start on a shed.  I really could do with somewhere to store my tools and the tractor.  So the plan is to make a strong shed without importing anymore than the bare minimum of materials.  This is a fun project, I’ve not really planned it and there’s no pressing timescale.   One technique I did however want to master was milling my own timber.  Being me I’ve also been developing my own design of milling attachment for the chainsaw. 

I’ve milled enough boards now from two seriously leaning larch that where ready for felling.  Starting from scratch with the milling process has taught me a lot and hasn’t been without problems.  The attachment has worked well but needs a few modifications. If it’s good enough it might get in to production at a later stage.  I think I’ve about got the ripping chain angles and sharpening sorted, although I think I might be ready for a new bar on the chainsaw. 

The main thing I’ve learnt is the secondhand chainsaw  bough wasn’t up to par. About halfway through it gave up the ghost after getting gradually harder to start and loosing power.  Investigations back in the garage revealed a worn piston that eventually part seized.  So I know how to replace a piston in a stihl 036 and I’ll post the how too when I’ve got the chance.  With that fixed I was sawing the boards twice as fast as before.

The boards shown here are stacked on top of my log sawing station. ( I’ll have to cover that at some point as well).

milled boards stacked on the log cutting station

milled boards stacked on the log cutting station

The basics of the shed are round wood uprights with Larch board sides. Ive also incorporated the base of Larch as one of the corners.

Frame of the cabin / Shed taking shape

Uprights, door frame sorted and a start on one wall

The boards I’m fitting with a 45 degree (ish) angle on the edges to shed water out. All cut to fit where they touch.  You can also see in the picture how they fit in a groove in the larch base.

larch boards being fitted

The first two larch wall boards in place

How the rest of it and roof develops , Im not quite sure yet, we’ll have to wait and see.  One thing I am certain of is that it’ll be rustic looking and quite original.


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