New Beam Retrofitted

By Andy the stuff doer

That’s one big job for the Whitby Cottage restoration done. The new timber beam and column to support the bathroom is now installed. 

As usual I didn’t go for the easy option.  I felled the tree, hand hewed it to a beam and a column, and now it’s fitted ready for me to start rebuilding the floors above.

The full details are on the website. Hand Hewing  and Retrofitting Beam and Column

Any Comments, Questions or suggestions?   Please feel free to type away below.


Beam and column fitted

Beam and column fitted

5 Responses to “New Beam Retrofitted”

  1. How many times did you have to lift it in and out to get the joint right? Good job you hada a strong boy to help! (as oppposed to a wife with a knackered back/ shoulder)

  2. Hi Andy
    I see things are moving forward!
    Have enjoyed catching up, especially watching the beam being hued from your very own tree. Love to try it sometime, myself. cool.
    Also the trick rebuilding the chimney without taking it down, excellent stuff.
    I see the stained glass by the Other Half, is coming along nicely too.
    Christmas? I guess you will be staying at whitby, at least for a few days.
    LG life’s good!

    Grand Designs is a great program to watch, but an even better one to make would be DIY Builds and renovations.
    Thanks for sharing your exploits.

  3. Hi Gordon, Good to hear from you.
    Yes making the beam was fun and made a pleasent change. The chimney was tedious but one of those jobs to get stuck in to and let your mind wander.
    I’ll be up in Whitby for a few days over Christmas, on my own, the other half preffers some heating, a bed and excessive luxuries like a toilet.
    The leaded glass is still ongoing…
    I see you had to sort some plumbing woes. I think it might be regs or just best working practice that compression joints should be easily accessable just in case they need nipping up. Getting dry pipe for a solder joint can be tricky, especially if the joint is on along flat run. However much you let it dribble out there’s always a bit more that comes through. The trick is to raise the joint even it means bending the pipework a bit, often easier to say than to do!. Hope it’s all sorted now.
    All the best

  4. I’m a big fan of the Restoration man on channel 4. I watch with envy each week as couples work on some fantastic and amazing projects. I get the same feeling reading your blog, you.’re obviously having great fun creating something wonderful.

    I’m a bit jealous! Can’t wait to see the completed photos.

  5. OK, Mick thanks for having a look, glad to hear you find it interesting. The posts are starting to get picked up in searches for holiday cottages so you might be interested (with your website for prospect house) when we’ve built it up a bit. Keep checking back to see how we’re doing. We’ll be managing and marketing our cottage as well so there could be some opportunities.
    Cheers Andy

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