Onion Walls, Peeling back the layers of history

By Andy the stuff doer

The last room of the Whitby Cottage to get stripped back is the Kitchen. Being up there on my own means the kitchen is virtually redundant.  As long as I’ve got running water somewhere, kettle and microwave, I’m OK.  It was time for the last few discoveries.

Unlike an onion, the room gets bigger as I peel back the layers and journey back in time. This wall gives us a useful extra 3 inches.

If you have any suggestions for dates of the layers please let us know (comments below).

Layers of covering and decoration on a wall

Layer after Layer added to the Kitchen wall

Layers in order:

Tiles, Paint, Plaster, Plaster board, Wall paper, Paint, Timber panelling, Wall paper,  Asbestos,  Fabric backed covering,  lots of layers of lime wash, Lime plaster,  More lime wash, brick.

I actually stopped when I got as far as the Lime wash.  This process also revealed the full glory of our missing door.

door hidden in wall

The hidden door revealed

The door is rendered over from the outside and would have lead from the passage way.  This is another detail to be added in as we try and piece together the house history.

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