Fixing the Pantile Roof

By Andy the stuff doer

When I made these fixes I was think the roof would last another few years. However there are so many problems with it and weak points that about to fail, we going to have a re-roof in the next few months.  Quotes are coming in and it’ll be decision time shortly.

The full details of how to fix Pantile roof from the inside are here.

In the mean time this fix and others I’ve done are keeping the house dry and have cured many of the damp issues we had.  A stich in time and all that, if some the previous owners had carried out some repairs a few years back there wouldn’t have been the rotten beams to fix and timber that now need replacing.

Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts on this quick fix repair technique.

PAntile roof repair


5 Responses to “Fixing the Pantile Roof”

  1. Hi Andy, How goes it?
    Looks like you have plenty on your hands!
    Lovely place Whitby, and round the corner in Robin hood Bay.
    Look forward to following your progress.

  2. Your explanation of how to fix pantile roofs from the inside is very useful. Your experience teaches us all that roofs have to be looked after and kept an eye on, as any little problems will surely turn into big ones if not dealt with early on.

  3. Hi Gordon, That much on I’m getting behind on the writing up but I’ll get there in the end.
    Yes it’s the bit coast that ticks all the boxes for us. When I’ve finished the cottage I might have some time to enjoy it again. In the mean time the wife and kids are loving it despite having to camp in a building site.
    How’s the conservatory looking?

  4. Hi Philip, Thanks for the comment.
    (It got caught in my spam filter but it’s a genuine comment and your site link is relevant – you might want to check why it got caught)

    It looks like your offering some good advice and content at your visitors might like to see whats on over here. I’ve got a section on repairing windows in the pipeline so keep in touch. The Facebook page will keep you up to date with the new content.
    All the best

  5. Generally, most of the persons prefer pantile roof rather than flat roof, the reason is simple pantile roof doesn’t allow water to stand on it, so that less damage occurs.

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